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Title Review for CLALEN IRIS 2902 (2EA)
Posted by Ros (ip:)
  • Date 18.05.23
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  • Fast(ish) Shipping - 

Considering that it’s being shipped from other side of the Pacific Ocean (from Korea to California, USA), I felt shipping was pretty quick. Here’s the breakdown of the shipping process. 

Order placed at 12:35AM on 5/15/2018 (Tuesday) 

Post Office recorded that the shipment was received at 5:20PM on 5/18/2018 (Friday)

Shipment delivered at 1:22PM on 5/21/2018 (Monday)

It took about three full days for Lenspop to prepare and ship out the items and about three full days to for the shipment to arrive at my place. 

Note: I ordered two of these (I have different power in both eyes.) and a bunch more and my final bill was about US $180. (So I received free delivery service with EMS, which would have cost me additional $25 if I spent less than $130)


  • Comfort - 

I stare at a computer screen all day at work so wearing these to work was probably not the smartest thing to do. But I did anyway. Dumb? Probably. However, it’s been over 9 hours since I wore them in the morning and I don’t feel too much eye strain.

Full disclosure: I have dry eyes and my ophthalmologists prescribed eye drops to treat my dry eyes since I was very young (11 years old?). Of course, they also recommended that I don’t ever wear contacts either. But here I am. Anyhoo, that said, I’ve been using eyedrops to help with the dryness and I don’t feel any more discomfort than I normally would without contacts. The eyedrops I’m currently using is called Renu MultiPlus by Bausch+Lomb.

- Oxygen Permeability: No idea. No information available. My guess is it's probably not that great. haha

- Lower water content level (43%) than Suzy Gray (55%)

- Hugs my eyes nicely. Its base curve is 8.6mm (same as Suzy Gray):

Before these contacts, I tried Acuvue Advance (discontinued), and Acuvue Oasys, as well as Clalen’s Suzy Gray. While I don’t know if I tried Acuvue Oasys with the base curve of 8.4mm or 8.8mm, from the experience, I found that whichever one I wore did not hug my eyes comfortably. I really liked the feel of Clalen’s Suzy Gray (the same base curve at 8.6mm), more specifically how it hugged my eyes comfortably, which is why I decided to give this a shot. 

  • Looks “cool” (in terms of the whole cool and warm color analysis)

When I wear these, they appear very cool despite the yellowish tint you see in the contacts. I think they appear as bluish charcoal gray on my eyes.

  • Looks more natural due to the smaller graphic diameter (12.9mm) 
    • I couldn’t find definitive information on the graphic diameter of Suzy Gray (some say 13.3mm, some say 13mm), but I can confidently rule out 12.9mm as Suzy Gray appears to be much bigger in its graphic size.

Attached pic the pictures of what they look like. 

Please disregard the gross redness in my eyes. Whether I wear glasses or contacts, my eyes are always red other than the short time frame after a long nap or so.

Would I recommend it? 

Yes, if you are comfortable with the base curve of 8.6mm and you are not necessarily after a dramatic change. Due to its smaller graphic design, it will appear more natural and subtle. 

P.S.: This is totally irrelevant to this product but I wanted to add that Lenspop threw in extra goodies like a mask pack, tons of contact lens cases and two contact lens tweezers, and a multipurpose lubricating drops. Super happy about it. :)

Attachment 1527032637369.jpg , 1527025836504.jpg
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